Touristy day with Nate!

Nate and I have had a day of monuments, museums, and friends! I mapped out our adventures on Google Maps and it totaled to more than 4.4 miles which is crazy! Nate is continuing on his streak of bringing really nice weather to Paris because today was very hot again.

We set off bright and early by foot to the Rodin Museum. I had never been before because they were doing renovations the first part of the semester, and by the time it opened I knew I wanted to save the trip for when Nate was here. I am really glad I made that decision because the museum in the springtime is filled with greenery and flowers and is so beautiful! They way they space out the sculptures among the estate is impressive too.

The Rodin Museum is wedged in between views of the tops of Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower, so we got to see the tops of both monuments!

Nate and I in the garden — the museum is located in an old Hôtel Particulier (which I think belonged to the Rodin family at one point, and was turned into a museum — didn’t have a chance to read the info panels). All the roses were in bloom!

Le Penseur — The Thinker

Rodin’s signature

After we finished at the Rodin Museum, our plan was to walk to the Champ de Mars for a picnic lunch. Our route, however, took us right past the Invalides, and I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if we had walked by a monument and Nate didn’t see it. So we walked through Les Invalides (and had a bathroom break) before having lunch.

In front of Les Invalides. I told Nate he looked liked an American because when I was in Normandy, Odile’s husband pointed out that all the American tourists were wearing “casquettes” (caps). Nate forgot his sunglasses at home because he wore his regular glasses on the plane, so his hat will do for now!

We walked to the Eiffel Tower on rue de Grenelle and found a produce store and a boulangerie. After buying our lunch stuff, however, we happened upon a huge market street and a supermarket! I didn’t take any pictures at the market because I stupidly forgot to charge my camera the night before and it was dying. But we still had a delicious meal.

After lunch we shamelessly asked people to take our picture with the tower. Neither of us had any pressing desire to go to the top though. The lines were insane because it was so nice out.

The lady took three pictures of us…one vertical, one horizontal (the one above), and this one…

So many hilarious things about this picture. Was she trying to fit the whole tower into the frame (which wasn’t a problem before)? Was she trying to be artsy? Romantic? Plus her finger got in the frame in the left hand corner, which is the cherry on top of this picture.

We walked from the Champ de Mars to the Arc de Triomphe through Trocadero and Avenue Kleber. I mentioned to Nate that there was an exhibition on transportation in the Musée de la Cité et Patrimoine de Paris, so on a whim we decided to go. The exhibit was (to me) a little overwhelimg and not that pedagogical, but it was still fun. And we got to play with legos at the kids corner in the end. Nate and I were also amused by the collection of international bathroom symbols in front of the restrooms.

Then we made it over to the Arc de Triomphe and had a failed attempt at taking a photo of ourselves with it, so we asked someone else. This girl had just been on Facetime with her friend and showing her the Arc de Triomphe, Steve Jobs was probably freaking out to himself with excitement.

failed attempt

Nate looking very small next to this monument.

This was again another monument which we considered going up to, but decided not to. We headed home for a little while and then met Nate’s high school friend Jacob for dinner. We ate with him and two other kids on his program on the Seine right across from Notre-Dame, and then we met people from my program on a different location on the Seine. We unexpectedly stayed out until like 11 because the sun sets so late here! I honestly thought my watch was improperly set.

Fun and busy day. I am writing this on Saturday morning instead of last night, but I can say that more adventures will be had today!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    May 26, 2012 @ 16:31:21

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I like your bag… did you buy that in Paris?


  2. GC
    May 26, 2012 @ 18:10:07

    Oh to be young and in love and in Paris in the spring – quelle merveille! GC


  3. Jen
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 19:48:02

    Sounds like a great day! Reminds me of my day touring those same spots with Luke- only lucky you that it didn’t rain several times throughout! =)


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